View Full Version : Chipped grids

05-12-08, 10:09 pm
I just started putting my cage together, and some of the grids I have have chipped paint. Do I need to make sure that none of the chipped parts are accessible, or would the paint get chipped normally anyway with use?

05-12-08, 11:04 pm
My closet shelving lids have worn paint. The cable ties have worn it down to the metal within weeks. As for the grids, since they won't have as much hinge-like movements, they probably won't wear as fast.

My guinea's don't gnaw on the cubes, unless they know I've got a plate of lettuce for them. But precautions are probably best, if you can keep the chipped ones away from the pigs then do so. :)

05-13-08, 01:17 pm
I think they would get chipped anyway, especially if you have chewers. As long as they aren't chipped in a way that's made some ends sharp or causing another safety hazard, I personally think it would be fine.

05-17-08, 01:29 am
Thanks! I did finally decide to go ahead and use the grids. Most of the missing paint was inside the two opposite corners--as if they were held there when being painted--and that was the case with all but a few (out of two packages).

05-20-08, 02:53 pm
If it is on the corners, maybe someone had bought them and put connectors on them. Then they might have gotten chipped and then they returned them. (Just an idea.) I would use them.

05-20-08, 10:06 pm
It was the inside of the corners-about the only place the connectors wouldn't mess with :-)