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Rattie Mom
05-12-08, 08:03 pm
Recently, there was a hoarder situation in Washington State (about 2 hours north of me). An elderly woman was found in a home with a cat, several snakes (many dead) and hundreds of rats. She purchased the rats to feed to her snakes, only to fall in love with the rats. For whatever reason, the rats were loose and of course, mulitplied. I won't go into details about the horrid condition her house was in, when the authorities went in.

A few of my rattie friends from our local NW rat club called to help. Unfortunately, the exterminators had already gone in and killed hundreds of the rats. :weepy: (they took the snakes into rescue, but left the rats in the hands of the exterminators) A few folks from the club were allowed to go in and set humane traps in hopes of catching any remaining ratties. Over the following week, they were allowed to go in each day, check the traps, rescue ratties and continue the process. Then they condemned the house. During the trapping, 19 ratties were rescued. All were amazingly friendly and rather tame. The lady considered the rats "her friends" and interacted and fed them. Many appeared well fed.

Donations were taken and a wonderful local exotics vet offered to do low cost spays to help catch early pregnancies. Unfortunately, one delievered babies the day she was caught, one the night before her spay, and two more had litters in the car on the way to the vet for their spays. All in all, there were over 40 rats (now in quarantine) that would need forever homes.

Many are already finding new homes.

I have several rats of my own, so I couldn't take in anymore (or so I thought). But I gave in and offered to foster a young momma (2 months maybe) and her little family of 6 babies. This was our first ever litter.

The little family arrived here last Friday. We've had them just 3 days, and I'm absolutely in love! My husband adores them as well. It's so much fun to watch them change everyday. Due to the time they needed to remain in quarantine, they were 11 days old when they got here. This morning, a few have started to open their eyes. :) We have 3 boys and 3 girls.

Momma Namphon already has a home with my good friend (who rescued her from that house), along with one of her daughters, once the babies are weaned. The three boys will be staying with my husband and I. I have two little girls left to find a home for. I'm hoping my vet will adopt them. She's been talking about being ready for ratties again...and now is a perfect time. If for any reason I can't find the perfect home for the two little girls, they will stay with us too. This of course is the main reason we've never fostered a litter before....I could easily cave for every single one. :D

Anyway, sorry to ramble on and on...but hope ya'll don't mind me sharing some pics of our dear little foster family?

Rattie Mom
05-12-08, 08:13 pm
Momma Namphon, who isn't more than a baby herself. She is a wonderful, yet extremely protective mom. I have to be very careful, or she'll take a piece of me, if given the chance.


All 6 of the babies:

My little runty boy and his bigger brother. We have named him Ozzy (after my favorite Survivor contestand) and the larger boy is Oliver:

Look how tiny Ozzy is:

Rattie Mom
05-12-08, 08:15 pm
One of the girls. We named her Jasmine:

This is Jazelle:

Three girls:

Three boys:

05-12-08, 09:17 pm
Oh! What a great story. I'm sure they are much happier with you, and the momma is beautiful, and the babies are the sweetest little guys.

I'm sure you'll find homes (if you want to, that is!) for them in no time.

05-13-08, 12:43 am
Wow who knew rats could be so cute. I'm of the personal believing that just because an animals is classified as a "rodent" doesn't mean they're absolutely filthy horrible scary creatures.I bet they're so much happier now with you.

piggly wiggly
05-13-08, 06:59 am
I heard about that raid. I love rats, they are so sweet.
I don't think I have ever seen a black rat before, are those two babies pure black? They are beautiful, well they are all beautiful. I am glad mom gets to have a good home, she deserves it, she has been through alot.

P.S, I just looked agian, and it may just be the flash, they kind of look like a brindle brown maybe..I can't tell, but they are adorable anyway..lol.

Rattie Mom
05-13-08, 01:53 pm
The black girls are "berkshires". So they actually have some lovely white tummy markings like their mom (who is also a berk). I especially love their little white feet! :)

The brown babies are "Agouti" berks. So they have that lovely brown fur, with ticking of other colors like black (and white tummy markings). Agouit is the color of most wild rats. Some call that black, brown and even gray. But Agouti is the technical term.

The boys with white on them are agouti hoodeds.

As of this morning, all 6 are opening their eyes now. I can't tell you how much I love all these little ones. They are due to start becoming extremely mobile any day. Soon, I'll get videos of "baby wrestle mania" lol

Rattie Mom
05-17-08, 10:08 am
Well, today is the big day. Moving to the big cage! They are 19days old today! Everyone has their eyes open, they're starting to eat food more and more (we give them lots of protein rich goodies), and are pretty much all over the place. They've certainly outgrown the storage tub/cage and Nammie now has nowhere to get a rest from them, as they can climb the igloo too. They'll be in the big cage for the next two weeks, until it's time to separate the boys.

Here's some new pics as of last night.
Momma Nammie:

Rattie Mom
05-17-08, 10:09 am
And some group shots!

05-17-08, 10:25 am
My daughter and I are in love. They are so sweet and cute. One day I wants rats too. So glad they found their way to you. Will you be keeping mom and babies too?

05-17-08, 12:46 pm
Those ratties are so cute.

Thank you for taking them in. It's such a shame that more ratties couldn't have been saved.

Rattie Mom
05-17-08, 02:27 pm
My daughter and I are in love. They are so sweet and cute. One day I wants rats too. So glad they found their way to you. Will you be keeping mom and babies too?

They sure are a lot of fun. :)

Momma Namphon and one of her daughters (Scout) will go to live with my friend Laura, who helped in the original rescue. We are keeping all three boys, and depending if my wonderful rattie vet adopts the two remaining girls or not, we could be keeping them too. lol

Rattie Mom
06-07-08, 12:34 pm
It's been a while since I've provided an update on our little foster family. Everyone is doing just GREAT!

Tomorrow will be a sad day, as my wonderful vet is coming to pick up little Jazelle and Jasmine. :weepy: I couldn't ask for a better home for the girls, but I'm going to miss them so much!

Next weekend, Nammie and little Scout will also leave us to go home with my friend Laura, who originally rescued Nammie. I've grown to love dear Nammie like one of my own, and it will be another sad day saying good bye.

Luckily, I see both of these ladies often and I know I'll get a chance to watch them grow and visit them again.

Oliver, Ozzy and Simon are staying with us :D . They are just the sweetest boys EVER!

Here's a recent pic of the boys in their temp cage (once the girls leave us, they'll move back into the big cage).


06-07-08, 07:20 pm
AnimalHouse wants wil ratties!

06-08-08, 03:17 am
That last picture is absolutely adorable. Who knew rats could be so cute!