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05-12-08, 01:58 am
Hello There!
Please, call me Sound. lol
I own two Crested American cavy boars, that are almost one year old now.
Thanks to this site, I will be ordering a 2X4 Or 2X5 C&C soon for them both.
I already love Cavy Cages, It is so factual and helpful!
I'm really glad to be here and hope to soon become a helpful active new member, and help others with the information I have already learnt.


05-12-08, 01:26 pm
What's up Sound? Welcome to GPC. I was curious, you said that you were ordering cages for both, I assume they live separately. Once you have the large cage many boars can then live together harmoniously. Have you thought about trying?

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05-12-08, 05:24 pm
Thanks :)
I did mean they were going to be together, I just havn't decided which C&C I will buy yet! Sorry for the confusion.
Probably the 2X4.
That should be a sutible size for them both, Right?

05-13-08, 09:38 am
It could work, depending on how well they already get along. The 2X5 would be better just in case. The on grid size really does add a good bit of extra room. Or, you could always add another level to the 2X4 by connecting the cages you already have on top. :) I saw some pictures of that in the photo gallery.

05-13-08, 09:42 am
Welcome ,

A 2x4 wasn't enough for my 2 guys. I had to put them in a 2x6 before the would stop arguing.

05-13-08, 11:38 am
I have 3 that are in a 3X5 with an upper level and they get along fine. Only one will use the upper level and that is rarely. But yes, It does depend solely on how they will react to each other.

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05-14-08, 03:19 am
Thanks guys. They usually get along okay, but not to well. :sorry:
They were together since birth, but are a little competitive toward each other, as they are both boars.
I think I may need a larger cage than expected. Maybe a 2X6?
Do you think?

05-14-08, 08:15 am
Even though a 2x4 is the minimum for two guinea pigs, boars need more space, so yeah, think a 2x5 or 2x6 or you could make it a 3x5 in stead of a 2x6.

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05-15-08, 12:55 am
Thanks guys.
I think that is what I will do. My babies will be much happier! :)