View Full Version : A Pig named Kitty and URI

05-11-08, 01:50 pm
Of course these things happen on the weekends but one of my little pigs, Kitty definitly has a URI. After I heard several sneezes in a row I looked at all 4 to see who it was. Right then little Kitty let out a huge sneeze and a snotty discharge came out of her nose. I'm so upset, the regular vet is closed. On the advice of our emergency vet I am taking her now to the Banfield pet hospital which is located in Petsmart. Not at all my first choice but I've got to get her in to see someone. So it's either that or wait until tomorrow, no other vet is open today on Mothers day. Right now I don't feel like waiting is an option.
I've printed out the list of dangerous meds and will not leave without Baytril or Bactrum. Hopefully tomorrow I can get her in to see our regular vet but I don't want to wait that long to see someone. My little girl needs meds now! I'll keep this thread updated with her progress. Wish us luck!

05-11-08, 02:19 pm
I wish you and Kitty the best of luck and yes please keep us updated!

05-11-08, 04:51 pm
We're Back....$100 later...the vet basically listened to me and did not do much of an exam on Kitty. She did write a prescription for Baytril...we have 3cc's and were told to give her .1cc twice a day until medicine is gone. Does this sound right to you guys? it seems like 3cc's will last a while. What is the normal time that a pig is on Baytril?? WHat else should I be watching Kitty for?? This is my first experience with URI's and I want to make sure I do everything right!