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05-08-08, 06:32 pm
Ok so I was cleaning one of my boys (Little Leo's) cage today and I noticed that his stools were not formed, and they were watery. Well I do work at the vet clinics tommorow so i'm gonna bring him in and see whats going on but I have some questions that maybe some of you could answer for me.

Ok so I just recently switched all my pigs over to bluegrass hay. Can bluegrass hay cause diarrhea, or the sudden switch from timothy hay to bluegrass hay cause anything?

My mom has been feeding a lot of greens latley. She still feeds them twice a day, its just less everything else and more greens, so could this cause diarrhea?

Is there anything else I should look out for? Little Leo is still eating.drinking fine...we didnt give him any greens tonight just in case. He looks healthy otherwise. No URI signs, nothing. It just came out of the blue.

05-08-08, 06:48 pm
Have you had a look at GuineaLynx?
Guinea Lynx :: Diarrhea (http://www.guinealynx.info/diarrhea.html)
Guinea Lynx :: Digestion and Motility Drugs (http://www.guinealynx.info/motility.html)

Other than providing a few links, I'm no good on this subject.
Hope things work themselves out!

05-08-08, 06:53 pm
Ok, i'm off to but some timothy hay then!

05-08-08, 10:51 pm
Up the bluegrass and cut down on the veggies for a couple days. You don't need timothy.

What kind of leafy greens are we talking about?

05-09-08, 02:37 am
Bluegrass wouldn't cause diarrhea. It's a grass hay. Too many certain veggies or other foods they are not use to can cause digestive upset.

05-09-08, 12:55 pm
Up the bluegrass and cut down on the veggies for a couple days. You don't need timothy.

What kind of leafy greens are we talking about?

Well a lot of romaine lettuce and cilantro, and then we also give them carrots (1 baby carrot per pig per day) and bell peppers.

I talked to my clinic and they want to put him on critical care. He is drinking enough water and I pulled back his skin and he is well hydrated and he is eating his hay but he's not touching his pellets which is odd for him. 1/2 of his cage is full of timothy and bluegrass hay. They also want to put him on TMS. The normal doc is gone this whole weekened (with my luck) and the other vet who is there doesnt really treat guinea pigs. I'm gonna try and get a fecal sample for him so we can do a fecal float to see weather he has any intestinal bugs or whatnot. He is still in a good mood, running all over the place, but the diarrhea is not going away.

I would also like to know weather I should take him out of the guinea pig room? His cage is totally separate from all the rest but I would like to know if I should do this as a precaution. None of the other pigs (a total of 8) do not have diarrhea.

05-09-08, 01:23 pm
Cut down on the amounts of romaine and cilantro for this weekend. I don't know how much is "a lot" because that could mean anything but I'd give about 1 lg. leaf per feeding and 5-6 sprigs of cilantro then the baby carrot and bell pepper. See if that helps the diarrhea.

Unless he has something that the other pigs could catch, there is no reason to move him out of the room.