View Full Version : Once apon a time, I was a piggie parent

05-08-08, 11:05 am
Hello everyone, I'm Viki. I figure for curiosities sake I'll tell you a bit about myself. Im 20 and am an experianced cavy owner. I'm an art student and an animal nut. I've never built my own cage, and Im excited to try it out!

A few years back I had 4 piggies of my own; Neo, Smokey, Skittles and Harry. All male, and they spent most of their time in a childrens swimming pool that I filled with bedding, hay, several hideaways, but naturally all being male there were alot of fights so I had to seperate them. Its been about 3 years now since Neo, the last had passed away. I didn't want to get another piggie because I just missed them so much.

But the mood has changed and I have a wonderful boyfriend, who has discovered that I can mimick the squeeks of a guniea pig and wants us to get 2. The cage I have I know right away is not big enough for two full grown pigs. So Ive joined this site trying to find a better way to house the new arrivals(Ill get pictures I promise lol)

Now Im off to post my questions.

Harrys Dad
05-08-08, 06:55 pm
Hello Viki and welcome!