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05-08-08, 09:39 am
Pringle came to me with urine scald, a mammary tumor, ribs sticking out, nails curled into the pad, mites, and probably lice (I am not sure who brought the lice). She has scabbing on her rump that causes her obvious pain.

I am treating with oral ivermectin and advantage (since the ivermec is oral I was told I could dual treat), lots of cage scrubbing, tossed all wood/porous items, and have some goreous guineas shampoo on the way. The kind for lice and the regular kind.

Those shampoos will likely take weeks to get here though. Is there anything I can do specifically for Pringle's rump in the meantime to ease her suffering? I feel so horrible for her. My friend is in pain. =(

05-08-08, 04:02 pm
Try some oil soak, olive oil, or better still, coconut oil. This will soften the crustiness, for an hour or so, and gently massage the scabs, if they come away with no pain, then great. then follow with a mild shampoo. I love the aloveen shampoo with oatmeal in it, very soothing, and I don't know if you can get pawpaw ointment over there, but a thick barrier cream on the urine scald.

Can you get some pain relief for her?

05-08-08, 04:11 pm
I like to use Aveeno. It's 100% pure oatmeal AVEENOŽ Skin Care Products (http://www.aveeno.com/productDetail.do?prodid=3640)

You can find it at just about any drug or grocery store. Good luck!

05-08-08, 11:41 pm
Thanks guys, I'll pick some of it up on my way out.

The doc didn't feel it was pain medication worthy. She doesn't do well at all on pain meds, following her mammary tumor removal she lost too much weight.

Pain meds also make her very sleepy, and she tends to stay in one place and get even more urine on her scabs. =(

Going to go hold her now.

05-09-08, 12:20 am
What pain meds was she on? Has she an underlying urinary issue contributing to the urine scald?

Maybe an alternative pain med may be a better fit for her, control the pain enough to keep up her appetite?

The scabbyness worries me, that there may also be a fungal aspect to it, with everything else going on it would not surprise me.

05-09-08, 02:27 am
Nizoral or Malaseb shampoo but if she has parasites, you may want to hold off on bathing her.

For urine scald you can use diaper rash type creams like Desitin. If you go to GL, it tells you more under urine scald. You can rinse the area then dry and apply the cream.

I don't think GG products are medicated?

05-09-08, 07:20 am
She was on metacam. Her urine and labs were normal. The scabbing looked much better last night. It's not at all like those fungus pictures you see, but again I wouldn't rule it out. It's tiny little spots where the hair was caked together with urine, which shuffed off easily and left a little scab. It's been hard to tell if they are healing, not healing, healing slowly, or if new ones are being formed. She has deceptively long hair back there, which I am keeping trimmed way down and wiping off with just water to keep it clean.

With all tests negative and the only thing we know being lice, the vet thinks just eliminate that and work from there. I read about the diaper rash creams last night. Her appetite currently is fine. She doesn't behave like a pig in pain, certainly not severe pain. Logically I know this, but I worry and feel so bad for her when another pig is in heat and tries to mount up and she squeels. =(

05-09-08, 07:42 am
As far as the scabs go, the next time you're at the vet ask them to do a UV test. They'll put some kind of solution on her and shine a UV light over it. Ringworm comes up as bright lime green. Most others look white. If anything comes up, you'll know if the scabs are fungal. If it's not anything too serious you can swab a little clotrimazole cream on the area. It should help clear up the fungus, if it is fungus.

05-12-08, 12:05 pm
Pringles scabs are almost totally gone. Only a bit of dry skin flaking remains.

I treated with Advantage Friday per the dosing instructions on a GL thread (0.1 -> 0.25 cc depending upon weight), did another ivermectin treatment, washed everything again with a bleach/vinegar solution....and there are still lice scurrying about on them. There appear to be less, but I read advantage should kill them much faster. =(

05-12-08, 01:20 pm
Advantage is waterproof, so even though it's been applied, once you get your Lice-N-Easy shampoo, you can still bathe him with that as well.