View Full Version : My poor Smore

05-05-08, 04:03 pm
My poor guinea pig, Smore got an infection yesterday. Well, he went to the vet first thing this morning and later discovered it was an absess infection. So, they drained him and he's on antiboitics and is in the medical cage for the next few days until the drain is removed. However, he's doing well. He's eating and drinking, so see how the care goes the next couple of days.

05-05-08, 04:12 pm
Awww hope Smore gets better.Thats good his eating and drinking regularly!

05-05-08, 07:16 pm
My Jack had an abscess from a bite from a fight. He was knocked out to clean it at the vets, then on Baytril. I also flushed it out with saline solution and soaked it with hot, wet washcloths twice a day. Thankfully, Jack healed 100%.
Hopefully your pig will too.

05-07-08, 05:25 am
Do hope all goes well with Smores.

05-08-08, 11:05 pm
I'm sorry to say, but Smore passed away early this evening.

05-09-08, 05:46 am
My deepest sympathies. RIP Smore