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05-05-08, 10:56 am
Ok.. So from July 5-14 we are going on vacation and leaving the pigs (Daphne, Delilah, Divinci and Do), rats (Jasper and Jynx), and dog (Jypsy) at a boarding place.

The rats get a small rolling cage that I bought just for this. Their FN cage is way too heavy and huge to move.

Jypsy is getting her own kennel.

The pigs are a problem. The room I booked is 4ft x 8ft. There is no way I can transport their main cage there. I mean.. I could.. but it really wouldn't even fit in the room. Its huge and heavy and would be way too complicated.

I did find this swimming pool cage:

Its 48in in diameter. I believe that means its almost 13sqft. Do you think this would be alright for 4 pigs for 9 days?

If not.. I might be able to transport the bottom part of the cage (coro) which is about 16sqft.

05-05-08, 12:02 pm
If they get on very well, it would be an ok solution for a temporary thing.

05-05-08, 05:44 pm
That should be fine temporarily but you may have some trouble with them jumping out unless you put something around the sides.

05-05-08, 05:56 pm
The cage seems fine. But nine days is a long time; are you going to have anyone check up on them and their food/water while you're gone?

05-05-08, 09:28 pm
Yes, all the animals are going to a boarding facility. The pigs and rats are in a completly sectioned off and sound proof room. That way all the dogs in the facility wont bother them.