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05-05-08, 04:23 am
Hi I just joined after finding this website very useful.

I have two male piggies, Bobby and Louie. Bobby was my first. We got him in August last year and we love him to bits! After thinking he was a bit lonely I decided to get him a friend. We got Louie a few days ago and followed the advice from the site on introducing them.

I am sorry to ask for advice so soon after joining - but I don't really know what to do next! Bobby is 10 months old and Louie is 8 - 9 weeks. I have put them together in a neutral environment for an hour each day (3 times so far) but Bobby just seems to be acting quite aggressively towards Louie who just wants to make friends! Bobby walks around teeth chatting, with his hair stood up on the back of his neck and wiping his back end on the floor. He hasn't attacked Louie so far, but won't leave him alone either. He walks around him nudging his nose under Louie's back end and even jumping over him! Each time I put them together Bobby just seems to get worse rather than better. I would like to get them in the same cage together, but at the moment it seems impossible. Should I persevere or give it up as a bad job? :confused:

Any advice would be gratefully received as I don't want to upset either or my piggies!

Apologies for the long intro - Thanks! :)

05-05-08, 04:47 am
Firstly re-introducing them each day is extremely stressful for the pigs. It isnt going to work out if you keep on doing it. So, introduce them ONCE (unless blood is drawn in which case they will need to be separated) in a nuetral area. All of the behaviours that Bobby is doing are completely normal. He is just trying to be the top pig. As I touched on before, the only reason that one needs to separate the pair is if blood is drawn. If this were the case I would then try a buddy bath. Good Luck and Welcome to the forums!

05-05-08, 04:54 am
Thanks for your quick reply.

I really don't want to stress my piggies any more - so to make sure I've got it right - I should introduce them in a neutral space and then I can put them in the same cage as long as they don't draw blood?

05-05-08, 11:46 am
When you repeatedly put them together and take them apart, they have to re-establish dominance so in reality, you aren't getting anywhere with intro's. Please also read www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm to find out what is normal behavior and what is not normal.

05-05-08, 12:30 pm
Thanks so much for your advice. I was working from the cavyspirit advice on introduction but I misinterpreted where it says 'it may happen in one afternoon or it may take months' and thought I should keep them in separate cages, just giving them a small amount of time to get to know each other each day.

I have started from the beginning with them today and they are now in their cage together 'arguing' over who gets to sleep where. It would appear at the moment that little Louie is winning the battle - nosebutting Bobby out of bed each time he tries to get in! I will keep a close eye on them and keep my fingers crossed.

Once again the advice is much appreciated! I never thought it would be such a worrying time.

I apologise for my ignorance, but I am very new to this.

05-06-08, 07:08 am
We are all new to something at one point or another. The fact that you came on here to get info is very commendable. Just keep an eye on them. I'm sure once they settle down, things will work out fine.

05-06-08, 10:10 am
Hi, it's nice to meet you. Aren't boars sometimes unpredictable?! I hope things work out for you. I also really love the names Bobby and Louie.

05-06-08, 10:38 am
It depends on the boars personality really. My 3 did just fine when I introduced them. I think mainly if they have a large enough cage, in the end things tend to work out.

05-06-08, 11:45 am
Thanks for your support.

They are still very warey of each other, but seem to have settled down a little. I'm hopeful that they will get on (eventually!). I keep wishing I could turn back the clock and have Bobby on his own, but I know he'll be better off once he gets used to Louie being around.

05-11-08, 12:25 pm
Just to let you have an update - Bobby and Louie are getting on much better now. They seem to actually like each other and will now share food! They are not quite sleeping together yet, but I am confident this will come in time.

Thanks again for your support and advice.