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05-04-08, 06:51 pm
I'm worried. There is blood coming from Bill's penis or penile area. It's definitely the source. My vet said it was stress and it should go away, but I'm not so sure. There have been no significant changes recently. No moves, no new cagemates, no new food, no nothing. I can't see any cuts and I don't know how it could have been cut in the first place.

Could there be another explaination? Should I actually be worried? I'm going to look up another exotics specialist.

He's an unaltered male, approximately 9 months old, no previous medical record apart from mites.

05-04-08, 07:15 pm
Ah, guinealynx, you are marvellous. UTI possibly. New vet necessary.

05-04-08, 07:17 pm
UTI possibly. New vet necessary.Exactly what I was going to say.

05-04-08, 07:19 pm
He's peeing blood.

05-08-08, 04:03 pm
Any updates on his condition? Did you manage to find an alternative vet?

piggly wiggly
05-08-08, 08:20 pm
Have you checked to make sure there is no hay or anything stuck up in the penile area? I know my boy had blood in is cage, and I could see it was coming from his area, I pulled everything back and found a big piece of hay stuck up in the skin folds, and it was bleeding. Just a thought.

05-09-08, 07:32 am
I found an absolutely fantastic vet. The blood stopped appearing after a few days but she took a urine sample and it was still present, just in smaller amounts. He's on bactrim and has to go back next friday for a check up.

I also checked the penile area before we went and there was nothing there. Vet did too to confirm it.


05-09-08, 07:46 am
I'm glad you were able to find a great vet and get everything straightened out. This new Vet sounds much more informed in piggy health.