View Full Version : Hay room

05-03-08, 10:16 am
I am planning on when we move and I adopt two guinea pigs, to have a hay room, well if I have coroplast can I put the hay right on top of the coroplast or do I need to have fleece or bedding under it?

05-03-08, 12:17 pm
You want to put something under the hay. When I had hay rooms, I used newspaper under the hay and changed it out every 2-3 days. The newspaper helps with urine and poo and also makes it a bit easier to clean up the old hay because you can just roll up the newspaper.

05-03-08, 07:02 pm
Okay, we get a newspaper every week so I could use that.

05-03-08, 09:15 pm
That is a BRILLIANT idea, Ly! I can't believe I've never thought of something like that. You're a genius. Thanks!

05-05-08, 05:39 pm
The second level of my cage is as you would consider a hay room. I just put some towels under it but didn't use the fleece because I know the hay really sticks to the fleece or so I've been told. They seem to like it.