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05-02-08, 10:19 pm
I was wondering if some of the folks here might have an idea what, if anything, might be wrong with one of my herd.

Guido was born in Jan 05 and is a fixed male that lives with the 6 girls I have. He has gone to the vet every 4- 6 weeks since birth like all of them do.

Last June he weighed 3.05 (the chart said 3.5 but that is a typo) pounds and now this month he is down to 2.13lbs. 5 weeks ago he was 2.14 pounds. His heart sounds good. His lungs sound good. No infections or leakage of anything anywhere. His food intake is unchanged. In fact there is nothing changed about him except for the weight change and that his color in his mouth is not as bright as the others. His hydration is good, no problems with teeth eyes. The vet gave him a clean bill of health except she is concerned about the weight and possibly the coloration.

Right now we decided to wait until the June 6th appointment to see if he continues to lose weight before we subject him to more tests. So here I am trying to be proactive to try to get a list of things to check for in case he continues to decline. I looked on GL but the only thing I found there so far might be diabetes. Anyone else have any suggestions for me?

05-02-08, 10:55 pm
Lack of color in humans usually means a circulation or respiratory problem, but I really don't have any clue about pigs.

05-02-08, 11:25 pm
I had a pig pass due to suspected liver cancer. She ate well, moved well, played and seemed great but lost tons of weight over a couple of months time. Maybe have some bloodwork (including liver enzyme tests) to see if there is anything abnormal there?

05-02-08, 11:51 pm
Was an x-ray taken?

Heart and lungs can sound fine often but you may want to get an x ray to rule out heart issues.

How thoroughly were the teeth checked?

05-03-08, 07:50 pm
I would suspect teeth, heart, or cancer. A full-body X-ray and a dental X-ray should be considered.

05-03-08, 11:51 pm
I suspect heart or cancer also. We are watching him a lot more closely every day and he still seems like nothing at all is wrong. He is still one of the first to the veggies and appears to still be eating well.

When I take him back on the 6th (or sooner if he displays any sign of distress of illness) if he is still losing weight he is going to have x-rays and blood work done.

After the awful experience with his sister and her surgery I have become reluctant to put another one of them through that unless there is no other choice.

Thank you for the responses.