View Full Version : Poorly Piggy

05-02-08, 02:11 pm
Yesterday I found two puddles of urine which were blood coloured. I have two guinea pigs and unfortunately don't know which one has the problem. Both outwardly appear to be healthy and there is no sign of any blood today. I have taken both of them to the vets this evening and have antibiotics to give them. I've separated them tonight on the vets advice to see if it happens again so that I can be sure which one has the problem.

Really concerned about them as the vet didn't seem to know what it was that could be causing it as neither have any other symptoms of illness. Has anyone elses' guinea pigs has this problem?

Cavy Carnage
05-02-08, 02:28 pm
Are you sure that its not just darker urine because of what they ate. One of my guinea pigs pee always used to get dark urine that looked like blood when I gave him things like dandelion etc. Did you feed them anything different the day you noticed it?

05-02-08, 02:30 pm
It could just have been a darker colour than normal, it was a kind of copper colour. They had banana which they don't have very often. Although I've given it to them in the past and not noticed this effect but then I didn't use to clean them out everyday like I do now so I guess I might not have noticed it.