View Full Version : What goes under fleece?

04-30-08, 12:00 pm
I'm ready to try out the fleece thing again. I have had 2 corner litter pans in Tyler's cage for 3 weeks now. Mostly, he does his business in them. So, I think I'm going to get some fleece again and try it out. Last time, I felt like I spent more time cleaning the cage than anything else and it still smelled horrible.

So, 2 questions.

1. What do you put under the fleece that is absorbant and cheap and odor controlling?

2. How often do you take everything out and wash it?

Thaks everyone.

04-30-08, 12:29 pm
I use bubble wrap under loads of news paper.
The bubble wrap is for warmth and the news paper is for the pee.
I change it all once a week but on a daily bases i take the fleece out and shake it and then i take the first few layers of news paper out. If it is really bad then i would change it all.
I have to boys in my cage.

04-30-08, 01:24 pm
I get mattress pads, baby blankets, and towels at Goodwill or another thrift store, or garage/yard sales, etc. They are usually pretty cheap when you do it that way. I can't afford to keep buying them disposable stuff since I have so many and this works really well.

I do a complete cage change on Saturdays but that's because I have 12 pigs and if I let it go longer it can start to smell. If you have fewer pigs I think you might be able to go longer than a week before taking everything out and washing it.

I also vacuum everything every day before they eat dinner so they aren't walking around in mounds of poo by the end of the week.