View Full Version : I'm taking Spike to the vet for the first time on Friday...

04-30-08, 10:28 am
what should I expect? - this is just a check-up, as we will have had him for one week. I was kind of hoping to have a buddy for him by then so I could take them both, but no luck so far.

04-30-08, 10:38 am
If you got him from a pet store you should ask the vet to check for URI's, mites and lice, as they are all very common in pet store bought piggies. The vet will probably check his feet and nails, teeth, ears and skin. So basically, just a routine look-over.

05-01-08, 07:49 pm
Ask for husbandry advise and see what your vet offers such as bedding you should use, pellets, hay and veggies you should or should not be giving.

05-01-08, 09:37 pm
This page is helpful Guinea Lynx :: What The Vet Will Do (http://www.guinealynx.info/vet_visit.html)

05-02-08, 10:43 am
Clean bill of health for both piggies -this is an "exotic animal" vet and he seemed to know a lot about piggies...

But I asked him to check for lice and mites and to make sure they were both males - definitely :)

Their skin looked perfect, and he said it's his opinion that all piggies carry a few lice - and he could comb in several different spots and not get any, and they could still have a few.......... but the key was a Vit C enriched diet and good care, and they will be fine.

He listened to their heart/lungs and said their eyes and nose were clear and sounded GREAT.

I was just wondering about the lice thing...........ack makes my head itch just thinking about it although I do know it's species specific!