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03-24-03, 05:21 pm

I just joined this forum a little over a month ago and I haven't been here in a couple of weeks. I remember a couple of people from the last time I was here like for example the star gardener.

Anyway, I was in LA for a week and I just got back this past weekend. Anyway, my female Samantha was pregnant and had her babies last Wednesday. She had six and two died. My sister was taking care of them while I was away and she called me in LA to let me know that the female gave birth and three didnt' make it. I was so hurt to hear that. The good think is that Samantha is fine and nothing happened to her during birth. I remember Cavy Spirit telling me about breeding my cavies and all so thank God she's okay and I don't plan on breeding them again.

Anyway, I returned from my trip and was so happy to see my cavies and the new babies. My sister had told me about one of the four who had survived was not doing too good and she was not gonna make it. It was very skinny and scrawny and tried it's best to hang in there. It was doing good for the next few days after I returned and I though for sure this one is going to live. Well I'm sorry to say that it died in the middle of the night and I found it in the cage this morning. I was so crushed and so was the mother.

Does anyone know why these babies could have died in birth? I know the last litter she only had 4 and they were perfectly healthy. I wonder was it because she had so many. Please answer my questions asap. I am feeling like it's my own fault and blaming myself. I'm in a depressed mood right now and need someone to talk to about this. :eek:

04-05-03, 08:21 am
hello i'm new here, my piggy just had babies this morning. i didn't know the risks of her having babies. so sorry that your died. mine had 3. i'm worried about them all and i definitely won't let her have any more.
i don't think you should let yours as, she may be very upset after hers being so weak end dying. i think it is because she had too many. a good litter is below 5 i read.
i feel real sad for you! i hope my piggies will be ok!n i've been very silly letting mine gat pregnant!
tina x
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