View Full Version : My bunnies love playing with their stuffed animals and binkies.

12-14-04, 09:10 pm
My one dwarf lop Abby loves her teddy bear I gave her. She would run around her cage with the bear in her mouth. She also sleeps with him like its her best friend.

My other dwarf lop Thumper loves his binkie I made for him. he would go inside and try to dig thinking its a dirt ground. He would sleep on top of the binky like it is his bed.

I though I'd tell any rabbit lovers out there that they may like toys like that.

12-15-04, 02:35 pm
What do you mean by binky? Like a baby pacifier?

12-15-04, 03:08 pm
Binky is a blanket made just for animals. some people call blankets binky and some call pacifier a binky too. Its a small blanket made for bunnies. Take a look at some of the guinea pig ones that I made in my pics.

12-19-04, 09:43 am
they are really cute! I give my little netherland dwarf towels, and he loves digging at them. He also loves phonebooks, I open it up and crinkle the pages. He rips out pages and digs at it.

12-19-04, 12:11 pm
I did the phone book but they really dig and its a mess cleaning it up when they go to the bathroom on it.

01-12-05, 09:46 pm
Can I use a hand towel for my bunny, or should I go buy a special blanket for him?

01-12-05, 11:16 pm
you can used towels.