View Full Version : How to make the farret tunnel thingie???

12-14-04, 08:23 pm
anyone know how to make one? I've been thinking about what I might have around the house to make one, and I think I might just have to buy one.....

12-15-04, 08:28 am
There are plenty of make-your-own craft ideas here http://www.guineapigfun.com/id75.html - good luck!

12-20-04, 07:24 pm
wow, that site is great, gotta bookmark that

01-03-05, 07:08 pm
that was very good, but i found out that they edited it and the new page hava different address: http://www.guineapigfun.com/id137.html, but very good site anyway, thank you alot!