View Full Version : Plexiglass instead of cloroplast?

Falcon The Lancer
03-29-03, 12:28 pm
ive been playing around with plexiglass lately making PDA casings, i was wondering i i could make a cubes and cloroplast cage with plexiglass instead,

the plexiglass will scratch, im sure about that (i might even buy polycarbonate which is used in bulletproof glass) and i will make it so that the cube sections are inside the cage so the pig cant nibble in the edges.

is a 3 pound pig that was born last may healthy, what is the obese weigth of a piggie?

03-31-03, 09:21 am
I had looked at using plexi glass as I was finding it hard to get hold of Correx (UK version of coroplast). In the end I decided that Correx was cheaper, lighter and way easier to work with.


Falcon The Lancer
04-04-03, 06:19 pm
but does it impose any health hazards?

04-05-03, 10:01 am
No. Not as long as you keep the SAME approach to sides and ventilation as recommended in the cage spec dimensions. A cage that is too small or walls too high will turn it into an aquarium (bad).