View Full Version : Giorgi's new digs.. *pics*

04-23-08, 07:18 pm
It took me awhile to figure out what size C'n C for Giorgi, since he has to share a space with the other Zoo kids in The Room. I'm still working on some other floorplan ideas, but here's what we're working with today...

It's 2 x 4 and man! does he ever use it! I get giggle cramps watchin' him run back and forth, kickin' up his little heels and chirping/chuckling like a little bull.

Of course, all that goof ballin' activity works up a good appetite, too!

He usually gets half this size salad, twice per day, but I got a little salad happy this afternoon :D It's all organic.. and some of it is fare from my backyard garden!

04-24-08, 12:03 am
Wonderful Job! He looks so happy in his new home and his salad looks yummy!

04-24-08, 12:36 am
Hi he must be enjoying his new 2x4! Yummy veg! I have a female piggy who looks like Giorgi's fur marking except her colour is lighter brown n eyes black. hehe :)

04-24-08, 08:32 am
Very cute--and he's lucky to have such a great place~!

04-24-08, 05:58 pm
He's very cute! Nice cage too!

04-24-08, 06:15 pm
Very cute, very nice cage, I like the fleece too. Are you planning to get him a friend?

04-24-08, 06:32 pm
Giorgi has a friend ...little J.R. ..who is being raised up and "groomed" to be his "best bud", eventually. Right now, J.R. is only about 2 months old and very small ...too small to take on the robust Giorgi boy!

I have their cages very close to each other ..not grabbing distance, though... and they serenade and "play" with each other every day. I think they are actually playing "hidey seek" with one another sometimes :p

I've been reading and re-reading as much as I can, regarding Cavy intros (cuz it certainly is NOT like rattie kids!), but I am definitely nervous and want to be absolutely sure that both boys are ready to go through all of it. I'm especially worried about little J.R.'s size disadvantage, but I wonder if it may be a bonus ...and Giorgi may go easy on him, cuz he's a little fella.

Any suggestions, tips, etc. ..as to when and what size J.R. should be okay... please share them!

Thanks Everyone! :)

04-25-08, 08:25 am
My little Ziggy ws half the size of Grizzly and Louie when I introduced them. Ziggy ws actually the one trying to be most dominant, but the big fellas just gave him a quick nip now and again. No raising up or attacking or anything though. However you know your pigs and I would go with my gut.

04-25-08, 12:49 pm
Thanks! I may just begin some simple and short little intro intervals this evening, then. I have noticed that Giorgi gets very quiet when J.R. is wheeking his loudest and proudest lol ..I wonder if that's a sign of anything with their status on the Cavy pecking order...

I still need to get pics of my little guy! He's so shy, but loves to be snuggled in a blankie once he's caught.