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04-23-08, 04:03 pm
:o I'm getting ready to go get my first piggy! I CAN'T WAIT!! I still have to get the cage completed.... but I'm almost done! I have to wait a few days to get the coroplast.... so..... is it ok that I use a shower curtain? TIPS ANYONE? :crazy:

04-23-08, 04:16 pm
My first biggest tip is please make sure you adopt your piggie!!!

My second tip is that guinea pigs are herd animals and do MUCH better in pairs (or more) so please try to adopt either two together or plan on getting a friend soon for your piggie (proper 3 week quarantine would need to be done in this case).

Yes you can use a shower curtain underneath until you can get the coroplast. Just make sure the piggie(s) can't push the enclosure around - be certain it's secure so they can't get out or fall out (if they're on a table or platform for example).

Have you read up on proper diet? Good quality plain pellets - grass hay (like timothy) 24/7. The best thing I've found is to read read read on this forum and guinealynx for medical questions. I've learned so much here and continue to do so every day. The more you learn the better your piggies' lives will be.

Congrats and we'd love to see pics of your piggie(s) soon!!

PS Okie from Muskogee?? That wouldn't be Muskoka, Ontario, Canada would it?

04-23-08, 04:20 pm
Thank you! I read a ton on this site actually. That's why I decided to join in and get familiar with everything before I got my piggy.

04-23-08, 06:33 pm
Excellent! I'm so glad you did research before getting your piggies. I wish I had!!! I could have saved myself SO much trouble!! I think it's awesome this site is here to help people learn and to help them make their piggies' lives so much better!!