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04-18-08, 07:48 pm
So Dexter has (what we believe to be) a UTI, again. I called the vet yesterday since they just saw him last month for a UTI and they refilled his previous prescription of .34ml of "Entrogenic" and .09ml Baytril, twice a day. Those doses were calculated when he still weighed 2lb 3oz, now he weighs 1lb 15oz. My question is will that dosage be harmful to him, or will it be just fine?
I'd like to start medicating him as soon as possible so he can get some relief since he's been fighting this infection since November (we all thought it was my older guinea pig for a couple of months, then we finally figured out it was him). Xrays were taken last time to make sure it wasn't a bladder stone. :)

04-19-08, 01:15 pm
Guineaynx hs a dosing chart for baytril. I would try putting his new weight in and see what that says.