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04-13-08, 12:52 pm
I have four boars and on of the old piggy doesn't get along well with three babies. I believe that the old piggy is a bit tired with ranking thing and best be left alone for a while. Hopefully when the babies are grown up little bit more, things will be different.

I also have been having hard time for maintaining my cage and floor around cage clean. Daily partial cleaning didn't work out with me when I am tired from work and just wanted to rest. Without the partial cleaning, the bedding didn't last until weekend without being smelly. My wife doesn't help me taking care of my guinea pigs and wigglers. She only plays with them. Maybe it's because I don't help her much in caring dog, fish and garden. I guess I like to keep it that way though.

So I squeezed my tiny brain for last couple of weeks and finally re-designed the whole cage yesterday.

First, I made ten coroplast boxes in the following size. 27" x 27" x 6". It's small enough for me to carry by myself
They are lined with newspaper, then filled with one inch of pine, then covered with one inch of hay. They are designed to be easy-to-just-replace kitchen cartridges. Also the wall is so high that bedding material will never get of of the box.

I have two slots for such kitchen cartridges in my new cage. When one of it gets smelly, I will just replace it with a fresh one that I stored in storage.

Hopefully the ten fresh cartridges will last about three to four weeks, at which time i will replace bedding for all ten cartridges together.

Then I started building the first story structure for the single adult. He doesn't really run much. I figured 2x4 c&c cage will be enough. I divided it to two 2x2 sections for stability of upper stories. Made a big hole in the middle as doorway. On the left slot, I installed hay rack, vege rack, pallet dish, and watter bottle on the walls and slided in the above kitchen cartridge. On the right slot, I used a coroplast floor with only 3 inch high wall. It's currently lined with towel but I will top it with fleece soon. The right slot is for playroom with no food to discourage urinating there.

I placed the single adult boar there. Skipper Doo seems enjoying it very much.

The second story was placed on top of the first story (duh!) with same design as the first story (left is kitchen and right play room) but with some additions, as it is used by three boars.

To accommodate three boars in crowded times, I placed a grid horizontally in one corner and covered it with coroplast & towel. So I can use only 1x1 space for two hide houses. Also I used hayrack tied on the outside of the cage to maximize in-kitchen space.

The play area also has three horizontally dividing grids, that act also as jumping steps to the third story.

Third story floor has a hole in the bottom. They can easily jump into the third story from the highest horizontal grid in the second story.

The third story didn't need the central divider, as it doesn't have to support weight of upper stories. Its a 2x4 running and play room that three pigs really enjoy. But t only have one water bottle with no food for the cleaning reason.

Front side of all thee stories opens to top for easy access.

It seems working so far.

04-13-08, 03:56 pm
I uploaded photos in the multilevel closed forum