View Full Version : Help!! Cant get the cage to stay together

04-11-08, 10:13 pm
>(I have just gotten the cubes in the mail today and i tryed to put the first walls of the first floor of the cage together. It keeps falling apart when I let go for even a second. Will the zip ties that will be coming in the next couple of days help hold it together better or am I just doing something completely wrong to begin with? :confused: Help!!! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :ashamed:

04-11-08, 10:16 pm
The zip ties will help tremendously! I only used zip ties on mine and didn't mess with the connectors. They were a pain and didn't hold well at all.

I have about 5 zip ties per connecting panel and it's very sturdy.

I would just wait for zip ties and use them.

Good Luck!

04-12-08, 12:00 am
Also, are you using the connectors on the top and the bottom of the wall sides? Cause mine stayed together decently with only the connectors, but the zip ties definitely help.

04-12-08, 08:22 am
What size are you using? (The size of the cage?) What brand (s) are you using?
I agree, zipties would work. I only use connectors, but I may try a few zipties when I make the cage permanant.

04-12-08, 10:42 am
I realize after looking at several pictures on the site that you need connectors at both the top and bottom. I didn't notice that before. I'll tell you what, once you start working on a cage of your own you take all the little details in on the pictures on the site. I think I will still use some zip ties, just for safety sake and to add a litttle more stability. Plus, we have a dog in the house and I'm not going to make it easy for him to get at my two piggers (just in case the thought ever crosses his mind, though I honestly think he'll be afraid of them, LOL). In answer to your question I am using Whitmore cubes from Walmart and they are 14.25inx14.5inx14.5, that's what the box says, don't need if you needed all three measurements or not. There is only four sides to a cube. I am going to try and work on the cage again later, while my two kiddos are taking their nap. They can be a bit curious at times and probably won't be much help with the construction. ;)