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04-10-08, 10:53 pm
I feel awful for not noticing this sooner, but while inspecting my boys fur today I noticed he had a lot of "dust." While I sat there starting I noticed the dust moving. My boys have lice :( I've read Advantage is good for treating lice, so I'll have to go in to see the vet tomorrow for dosage.

Can my pigs infect me or my dogs with lice? Or is this a specific "guinea pig lice?" Once they are treated will the lice not be capable of living on them or will I need to clean my room from bottom to top to insure there are no re-infecting?

04-11-08, 11:58 am
As far as I know, as my guinea pigs have lice right now, they are species-specific. At least I hope so. Sorry I couldnt be more help. I hope someone else can come along and confirm this for us. Thanks for posting this.

04-11-08, 12:14 pm
I know they can not infect humans, other pets im not so sure about. I have other dogs and cats and when I noticed my pigs had lice, I took the precautions of bathing my other animals. They are on flea prevention, so if the pigs did give them lice, hopefully that would have took care of it from the get go and I really didn't need to bathe them. Better safe then sorry!

04-11-08, 12:50 pm
My dogs are on Advantage already for fleas & ticks, so hopefully they won't get it. I'm headed off to the vet in an hour, I'll ask about people/dogs while I'm there. I'm really praying they don't live on people, my hair is all the way down my back, ridding myself of lice would be hard work, LOL!

04-11-08, 02:02 pm
Back from the vet!
He said that my dogs and I should not be affected by the lice. He treated them with Advantage according to the GuineaLynx directions, and gave me treatment for next month.

They caught one of the lice on a piece of tape and put them under a microscope, really interesting, but so gross!

04-11-08, 03:50 pm
Phew I'm glad to hear that! Thanks again!