View Full Version : Fractured Piggie Leg?!

04-10-08, 02:37 pm
Ok, so I have a young pig, about 3 months old, named Savannah(my avatar pig) Anyways, she loves to crawl up onto my shoulder when I hold her and play with my hair. Since she is small enough, I let her. Yesterday, she was up on my shoulder while I was getting her some veggies, when as I turned around, she seemed to kinda energeticly turn around in the opposite direction as I, and fell off my shoulder!! I freaked out(of course), literally threw her food from my hands and scooped her up. I had turned to see how she landed just in time. She had landed lopsided on her left hindfoot but righted herself immediately. I scooped her up and checked her all over for any signs of broken bones, and I kinda gently poked her around her hindlegs to see if she showed any signs of pain. She didn't but I was still worried. So, I set her own and watched her walk around, and she seemed fine. No limping or walking funny.

Later that day she was out for floor time when I noticed that all of a sudden she wasn't using the leg that she landed on. I checked it again and compared it to the other foot and they both looked and felt just fine. I know I am not a vet and can't tell these things just by looking at them, so I talked to my mom about taking her to the vet. She looked at her foot and said if she did hurt it, she would have fractured it since no bones seemed to be out of place. We waited a day to see how Savannah was the next day. Today, she is still hardly using her left leg, and I am so worried. I was gently and slowly bending each foot to compare, when I felt a slight clicking feeling when I bent her hind foot at the joint in the middle/end of her foot. Compared to the foot she didn't land on, I did not feel that click. I think it may be fractured. My mom says that the vets will not be able to do anything about it, and we will just have to be very gently with her until it heals. When I let her outside today for play time in the grass. She didn;t run around at all, anddidn't eat much grass. HELP!! I feel awfull for letting her get hurt :sorry: I feel so guilty.

Please, what do I do? Is my mom right, or should I take her to the vet? (sorry for such a loooong post)

04-10-08, 02:41 pm
I would err on the side of caution and take her to the vet just in case.

04-10-08, 02:44 pm
I would definitely take her to the vet. They may want to put her on pain medication. I know it has to hurt.

04-10-08, 04:12 pm
Take her to the vet they will know what will be best, you do not want her to suffer.

04-10-08, 04:31 pm
Ok, thanks everyone. I imagine she must be in pain, even if she doesn't show it. Thanks again!

04-10-08, 05:11 pm
I would take her to a vet ASAP! It sounds painful. I would not like to be left in pain. At least the vet will help a bit. And you know you are doing what you can for her.

04-10-08, 09:03 pm
I'm not sure why there's a question - she needs to go to the vet. I, personally, have a broken wrist right now. I can tell you how much it hurts and how much mobility I lost. Your pig cannot. You know she fell and could quite easily have fractured/broken something. Little bones are very fragile. You need to take her to a vet who can assess the damage and take appropriate steps to treating any injuries and relieving any pain she's in.

piggly wiggly
04-11-08, 10:11 am
On top of a fractured leg, she could have some internal injuries. A fall from your shoulder is pretty high, and a little thing like her could be damaged inside. She needs a vet to check her over.