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04-10-08, 01:27 pm
I'm pretty sure marco has mites.
But if she ends up never having them
will the treatment be harmful in any way?
And also could some one recommend what i should use.

04-10-08, 02:14 pm
There is a website called Gorgeous Guineas. They have a shampoo called Lice-n-easy. They say it will get rid of mites too(although I haven't tried it for this). It is safe for younger piggies. I however, went to my vet and got Ivomec and put it behind the ears. You can buy it from feed stores sometimes, but I wouldn't recomend using it until you have the correct dose for your pigs weight. It can have side efffects if you do not give the right dose. Also, many reputable rescues treat all incoming pigs for mites, whether they show signs of it or not. Hope I could help;)

04-10-08, 02:30 pm
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READ EVERYTHING that's linked, and if you have any doubts, take your pig to an expert guinea pig vet who can give ivermectin injections. The side effects of screwing this up can be deadly. I actually just treated my pigs for mites a couple hours ago. Remember you have to treat at least 2-3 times, every 7-10 days. Good luck.

04-10-08, 02:30 pm