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04-09-08, 09:04 pm
hello...i am new here on this forum and new to the guinea pig world as well...i have always wanted a guinea pig since i was young and now am finally deciding to get two. i got some free coroplast from a local sign shop and was wondering if their was any paint i could paint it with because i'm not too keen on the orange coroplast (plus it's a little painted) but i figured since it was free i should take advantage of it...i wanted to paint it black to match the rest of the cage...i was also wondering: wouldn't guinea pigs nibble on the coroplast or do they not like the taste of it or something. any information you could give me regarding painting the coroplast and about them nibbling on it would be great

04-09-08, 09:13 pm
Many guinea pigs will try out the coroplast and nibble on it. The only kinds of paint you could use would be animal safe paints but I don't recommend painting coroplast at all.

04-09-08, 09:57 pm
ALL of my pigs chew on the coroplast here and there. They don't ingest it but I wouldn't take the chance with any kind of paint.

04-10-08, 05:56 am
I guess I won't paint the coroplast then. It's not a big deal I just figured if I could I might as well paint it to match the cage. But I'd rather have healthy cavies then a pretty painted cage. Thanks guys and I'll work on the spelling but I might slip up every now and then.

04-10-08, 08:21 am
I would not paint it.

04-10-08, 12:50 pm
What about the plastic spray paint? Doesn't that bond with the plastic? I'm just wondering if that would be OK.

04-10-08, 04:45 pm
I am not positive. If anyone could chime in on that that would be great.

04-10-08, 05:29 pm
Plastic spray paint will weakly bond with the plastic. If they chew on the chloroplast they will still be ingesting it.

04-10-08, 06:26 pm
I have considered it, but I thought about it. It is not owrth it! You would be better off spending the extra $3 or so. It woul dbe better than riskign poisining your pig with paint!

04-10-08, 09:52 pm
Today I made the coroplast into the box for the cage. I am not going to paint it because it looks fine how it is. I was wondering if coroplast has a distinct smell to it because mine seems to have a weird smell to it. I also bought a feeding dish, a dish for treats, a really good water bottle that you can refill on the top, some strawberry yogurt treats, total comfort bedding (buy one get one free), and a nice edible hut for them. I was wondering if anyone else uses total comfort and how they like or liked it?

04-11-08, 06:27 am
You need to ditch the yogurt treats and edible hut. They're both terrible for pigs. They're both full of sugar. A no-no for the pigs. I'm sure you'll hear this from tons of folks on this forum.

04-11-08, 08:47 am
Don't use any paint on the coroplast, the guinea pig will digest it. I don't give mine yogurt treats or an edible hut, too much sugar. Fresh fruit and veggies is the way to go and also an igloo for them to hide in and a little bed is neat.

04-11-08, 08:48 am
Don't use any paint on the coroplast, the guinea pig will digest it. I don't give mine yogurt treats or an edible hut, too much sugar. Fresh fruit and veggies is the way to go and also an igloo for them to hide in and a little bed is neat.

04-11-08, 02:50 pm
I understand the edible treats but i read the ingredients in the edible hut and it has natural ingredients such as alfalfa and other woods. I just didn't want to get them one of those plastic castle looking things. No offense to anyone but they're just not my type of home for them. I already bought the items so I will keep the hut because the ingredients are all natural and I will see if I can return the treats. I should be able to. Thanks for the advice.

04-11-08, 08:34 pm
I have a question. Why do you want to paint it anyways?

04-11-08, 09:00 pm
Auburn - he said he wanted to paint it so it would fit with his theme.Mikew - The hut most likely is made up of alfalfa and HONEY! Honey is not good for pigs at all. I understand if you dont like the pigloos (plastic houses) but the huts are not good for them.

04-12-08, 09:23 am
You could use fleece! Just buy matching fleece for your cage and your pigs will probaly love it. If you don't like the color of the igloo then you could put fleece on that too. You really couldn't let your pig miss out on things, just because it doesn't match your theme!

04-12-08, 02:11 pm
It's not really about my theme I just wanted it to match my cage. The cage is black and the coroplast is orange. I am really bummed about that hut. It is so cool looking. I will consider returning that as well. I'm concerned about the plastic homes. Isn't the plastic bad for them to eat as well? I see these plastic things chewed up all the time. Also, no one has commented about if coroplast has a distinct smell to it. I am really curious if it does because mine has one.

04-12-08, 03:29 pm
Sounds like you have to disinfect the coroplast. It should not smell funny.

I like the colors. Now I want a black and orange cage. It's like having halloween all year long.

04-12-08, 03:41 pm
I will definitely do that. I was just wondering what I should use to do that. Do I need to buy a special chemical to clean it? The whole store smelled the same way so it may have been something that as you could say leeched it's scent onto this and won't go away. I wasn't sure if this was normal and I'm glad it's not because I can't stand the smell of it.

04-12-08, 05:29 pm
I'd wipe it down with a dilute vinegar solution. Is it kind of a "new car" smell? If so, it's a plastic thing and there's nothing you can do about it.

04-12-08, 05:41 pm
I'm not sure. It's like a weird odor but doesn't smell like "new car smell" because I love the smell of new cars. I think it may be a smell from the shop because it's so small and they have so much in the store. I will use the vinegar and see if that helps. Thank you very much.

04-14-08, 07:45 pm
I had a new question. Since I shouldn't paint the coroplast sheets I was wondering if I could use sheets of black construction paper or poster board on the outside to change the color. The reason for this is because this coroplast was used at a ball field previously. It has lettering on it and I wanted to cover that up. The lettering is only on the outside and not on the inside of the cage so I would only put the constructions paper or poster board on the outside. If it would be safe can I use school glue and glue it on or should I use tape? Thanks.

04-14-08, 08:58 pm
I think you can cover that up as long as the piggy can't eat it that should be fine, maybe try a small section and tape or glue it and see how that goes before doing the whole thing, hope this helps. :optimist:

04-14-08, 09:01 pm
I think you can cover that as long as the piggy can't eat it, maybe do a small section glue it or tape it and see how it goes. Hope this helps. :optimist:

04-24-08, 04:00 pm
Some people have used wallpaper borders to decorate the edges of the coroplast. That can look really cool.

Re the edible hut - I don't think they're all bad. The Hay Experts sell them and I was under the impression that they only sell items that are safe. I wouldn't have thought this would be made with honey.


04-24-08, 10:20 pm
Since this post I have used a type of black poster board to cover the outside of the cage. They don't nibble on it at all. It came out really good. I should probably get some pictures up. The hut that you showed me is different than the one I had bought. The one I bought is called a snak shak. Here is the link... 8 in 1 Ecotrition Snak Shak House Small at PETCO (http://www.petco.com/product/101910/8-in-1-Ecotrition-Snak-Shak-House-Small.aspx)

I bought the bigger one though. I'm going to return it though. I made them a different house and am planning on making them a hammock. I want to put it on the second floor but they are like scared to go to it. I guess I just need to make it more exciting and then they'll go. They may just not be comfortable enough yet.