View Full Version : No longer just a rat-sitter

04-08-08, 01:09 am
Now I am a rat Owner :)

My friend who I was rat sitting for was going to have them adopted out as she doesn't think she can cope with a baby and her rats, and wanted them to go somewhere where they can have more attention.

My husband and I however, knew we would be really upset at the thought of them going to someone else, so he has agreed we can keep them, which had made me really happy.

So now, not only am I the proud mum of two bunnies, two guinea pigs, and a hamster, I am also the proud mum of two gorgeous rats as well.

04-08-08, 02:31 am
Congratulations! You do know that pictures are essential! ;)

04-08-08, 05:50 am
Congrats. I hope you show some pictures of them so that we can see how adoreable they are.

04-08-08, 05:59 am
LOL I will try and get some pictures tonight. I have Rex who is a Rex (lol) and Jed who is a hooded rat (white with brown hood). Poor Rex though has a plastered tail as somehow two weeks ago he caught his tail on something (still unsure what) and the end got degloved. Had to take him to the vets to have the end amputated and stitched. Should be having his stitches out on Thursday.

Rattie Mom
04-08-08, 11:12 am
Poor Rex!! I sure hope he's feeling better soon. I bet he'll have the cutest stubby tail, when it's all healed up. :) I've had two "stubbies" myself. Both had the ends "groomed" by their moms at birth. If I could access my pics from work, I'd post a pic of my little Stella...she uses her stubby tail as a way of showing her adorable personality!

CongRATS on your two new boys!

04-08-08, 12:06 pm
Congrats, Have fun!! I heard they LOVE peanut butter!

Rattie Mom
04-08-08, 12:14 pm
Congrats, Have fun!! I heard they LOVE peanut butter!

They do love peanut butter, but it is a very serious choking hazard for ratties. :weepy:

04-12-08, 08:58 am
Ok thanks for telling me!! How about some rattiepics!!