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Slave to the Rose
04-04-08, 10:22 am
I am planning on building my girls a new cage based off of this design:
http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/8856 by i-love-ned. Just a few quick questions:

the base will be 3/4 plywood but I am debating on what to cover it with. I was thinking either plywood or those peal and stick tiles (whatever I use will obviously be covered with towels and fleece). Also I am planning to still use my cubes alittle. I am probably going to make a top level and perhaps even a 3 lvl cage. Any suggests are welcome.

What kind of things should I put in the cage? Right now we have a 2x4 cage with really nothing in it. They LOVE to chew up the plain brown wrapping paper like what you mail things in. They have two towels that they love sleeping on top of and a couple pigloos they don't ever go in. They have a huge hay area where they can eat, burrow and play in the hay but thats about it.

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone.

04-04-08, 12:46 pm
You might consider something seamless, like sheet vinyl, for the bottom. That way you won't have any seams to collect anything. Depending on your design, you might be able to run it up the sides a short ways, to eliminate the seam all the way around the edges where it meets the sides. Then you would only have the corner seams, a considerably smaller area, to keep clean. My 2 guys love the little brown lunch bags, chubes (cardboard tubes especially for small animals), paper towel or toilet paper tubes stuffed with goodies (veggies, hay). Veggies speared on a metal shower curtain ring and hung on the side of the cage is nifty too.

04-04-08, 12:49 pm
In my 2x4 I have a vinyl table cloth for the bottom with shavings on top, this way when I am done with the shavings I just gather up the tablecloth and through the shavings away. You might want to try that.

Slave to the Rose
04-06-08, 01:13 am
Thanks for the suggestions. I will defiantly have to try that.