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04-11-03, 06:36 am
Hi! I'm a brand new piggie owner. Her name is jellybean. I've had her for two days and haven't witnessed her drink yet. I know she eaten due to the empty food dish in the morning. How do I know? How much food do I give her? Do I keep timothy hay in the cage all the time?

I'd be very thankful for any answers you have! ;)

04-11-03, 11:18 am
The amount of water that a piggie drinks vary from pig to pig. For example, Zoe goes through her water bottle very quickly while Frank drinks far less. But I still change the bottles everyday.

Pellets make up much of the protein in the piggies' diet. Because it can lead to them being overweight, it shouldn't make up the majority of the diet.

I always keep timothy hay available in the cages. Hay should make up the majority of their diet.

Hope this was relatively helpful.

04-11-03, 05:47 pm
There are lots of good Guinea Pig web sites to look at for feeding (and other) information, (I can't remember the URLs at present - use google and look for Cavy Spirit, Guinea Lynx, Seagull Guinea Pig).

Those sites will also give good advice on housing, health, behaviour etc. You'll be able to make better friends with Jellybean the more you understand about her ...

I'm sure you'll be 'enslaved' pretty soon.:D