View Full Version : Are fiddlesticks safe?

03-29-08, 09:33 pm
I was wondering if fiddlesticks (the multi-colored bendy ramp/hidey thing) are okay for my pigs? Will their nails get caught between the sticks? Has this ever happened to anyone?

03-30-08, 01:06 pm
I am pretty sure they are safe. If you look through the pics, you see tons of people with them. They were even recommended to me by people on here.

03-30-08, 04:57 pm
I love them. Yeah, I think they are safe, mine use them as a tunnel so I cant answer about nails.

03-30-08, 07:21 pm
One of the mods told me that usually, colorful, flavored wooden things are more bad then good for them, but I would send a private message to Ly&Pigs and ask her.
I think there is a natural, un-dyed version of them, but I may be wrong. Check google, thats what I'm about to go do.

03-30-08, 07:30 pm
Super Pet - Pets International, Ltd. (http://www.superpetusa.com/index.html)

Those are the natural ones, so I don't think they come in a guinea pig size.

04-17-08, 12:57 pm
I found an online store (bestpetsupply.com) that carries the medium and large Fiddlesticks in the natural wood. Here are links to the products:

Medium (http://www.bestpetsupply.com/brands/Super-Pet/1591.asp)

Large (http://www.bestpetsupply.com/brands/Super-Pet/1592.asp)

04-17-08, 03:00 pm
I think they are safe but if using them as a tunnel get the large one, medium is to short mine won't use it.

04-17-08, 05:23 pm
I have medium and large. Only extremely small pigs will use the medium fiddle sticks as a tunnel. The large is almost too large, but it works. It's about the same size as the extra large Timber Hideaway - the one with the big hole in front and no hole in the roof. I wouldn't use the colored fiddlesticks though.