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03-29-08, 08:38 pm
Hi, my names Emily and I recently adopted 2 guinea pigs from a rescue called Small Angels Rescue. :)
I have had guinea pigs before when I was 8, and now I got Brent and Tilly!:heart:

Brent is a BIG male pig thats all white except for some areas on his neck(caramel), and on the sides of his face(black).
And Tilly is a little female Teddy piggy thats all brown with some areas on her back and in between her ears where fur stands up straight:cheerful: .


03-29-08, 09:44 pm
Welcome to Guinea Pig cages. Thankyou for adopting. You pigs sound adorable =) any pigtures? I hope to see you around, I'm sure you'll learn lots.

Hopefully one of your pigs is spayed/neutered, are they?

03-29-08, 10:20 pm
Welcome, I am glad to hear that you adopted rather then bought your piggies.
Your piggies sound really cute. you need to keep comming on here like everyday, because everyday there is always even more good advice. Like I said your piggies sound supper cute:)