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03-29-08, 07:27 pm
I hope no one minds me posting a reintro. It's been awhile since actively posting here, and even then I was quite the newbie!

My name is Haley, I'm nearly nineteen and a freshman in college. I'm majoring in Psychology and living at home with my parents. I became a member here several months ago, while researching guinea pigs. I wanted one very badly at the time, but the timing just wasn't right I suppose.

I got my first guinea pigs on Tuesday. Three boys who we've named Milo, Thor, and Norbert [aka Norbie]. At first I was a bit worried and over whelmed, but now both the piggies and I are settling down nicely into a routine! Milo is the first of the boys to allow petting and handling. He still protests loudly to being picked up, but as soon he's on the floor or in a lap, he's happy as can be. I'm particularly attached to Milo because of his sweet nature, he seems to be the "baby" of the group. He's also the most entertaining, nearly anything will set him into a popcorning frenzy that lasts for upwards of fifteen minutes! Thor and Norbie [whose name may be changed at a later date], are still quite skittish, but are calming down slowly. I'll be sure to post lots about them once I learn more about their personalities. :optimist: They are currently in a 30x40 store bought cage and eagerly awaiting a 2x5 C&C!


Norbie - Thor - Milo [in front]

Ahh! I got up to check on them just before posting this and noticed they were getting low on hay. I got the bag out and they started popcorning when they heard the bag! I'm so excited their learning what certain sounds mean :love:

03-30-08, 04:06 pm
They are so cute! Are they brothers? To me they all look about the same size, I thought they may be from the same litter. They'll have you wrapped around their little paws very shortly. We'll love to see more pigtures too.

04-04-08, 12:17 am
aww they look so cute!
And welcome! I too came here to research guinea pigs before I got mine. I am also a psych major! :p

04-05-08, 06:28 pm
Your piggies are so cute:) I just want to eat them all up. lol:)