View Full Version : something clear that won't be stained by urine

03-27-08, 06:38 pm
So all the girls were put in the cage together today. Willow bullied Bonsai for a few hours and I think she finally had enough of it. She's back to spraying again AND I found out Tsunami is doing it too. I'm kinda glad, because maybe this will give Willow a hint to back off. Anyways, I put towels all around my cage using binder clips so the pee doesn't get squirted everywhere. They can aim pretty high so the towels cover the entire height of the grids. But I can't see my piggies now :weepy: So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on something clear I could put around my cage to block the pee but not the view of my piggies. I also don't want it to stain or get cloudy by vinegar. The cage I have them in now is an L-shaped cage that is 2x7 on the longest leg and 2x5 on the shortest. I am moving in about a month and their cage will be much larger then. So with this sort of space, do you think having something solid and clear around the cage will allow for enough ventilation? I know that you are not supposed to keep guinea pigs in aquariums, so is this setup I am speaking of still ok? I was thinking plexi glass or glass. But if anyone knows of anything cheaper that would be awesome. Maybe some sort of clear thick plastic on a roll? Oh and it is a single level cage too, so that would maybe help with ventilation too? Any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated. I am moving into my sister's brand new house and she will KILL me if my pigs spray pee everywhere.

03-29-08, 01:25 pm
At target they have the cube grids only they are not the metal grid they are covered with a clearish plastic type thing. Pretty sturdy and easy to wipe down. I'm not sure if it will stain or not. And its not exactly clear... you'll be able to see their form but not details...

Or... if you go to a fabric store they have clear plastic material that is pretty thin that you can just get by the yard and put a strip around the edge of your cage. You can hold it up with binder clips.
Good luck! I hope my piggies dont start doing this when I introduce them!