View Full Version : Gallstones? X Rays?

03-25-08, 05:32 pm
Is our doctor being overzealous to suggest xrays for a very small amount of bleeding that is spotting the pigs play pen during their play time? He gave us an antibiotic a month ago when bleeding first was noticed and now a month later it has appeared again in a small amount. He says it could be gallstones. Thoughts? The bleeding is from one pig a girl.

03-25-08, 05:42 pm
You may want to post on guinealynx.info about this. They have many medically knowledgable people there. I would think more along the lines of UTI or stones (bladder/kidney), but I've not heard too much about pigs having gallstones.

03-25-08, 06:11 pm
Wow the folks over there are pretty sharp... no offense. And thanks for the link.