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03-25-08, 02:40 am
had 2 baby,s sunday. so have been out bought new cage to seperate the other 2 females from mum and bay,s. then this morning one pf the other 2 females has had a baby . Put her in with the other mum but first mum protected her babies and the new mum chased her baby out from the other mum and babys.
now have 3 pigs in 3 different cages.
question is can we keep all 3 adults and babys in same cage
just the 2 mums and baby,s and the other femlae in the other cage
keep them all seperate.
it bizarre really the first 2 babys are pure white and the baby this morning is jet black.

could anyone please give me some help on what to do.

03-26-08, 04:07 am
I guess the Irish members are busy elsewhere! The UK section of the forums isn't very busy normally anyway. Why not try posting in the 'About Guinea Pigs' forum? There are a lot more people who view that one and you'll get an answer quite quick, probably by tonight. By the way, do the white babies seem ok? Are they eating well and out of curiosity is their Mum white? White babies can sometimes be a sign of a genetic problem, but not always, it depends on the parents. Again, if there are any problems the people in the main forum can help better than me. Hope they're all doing well :)

03-26-08, 04:59 am
Congrats on the new pups! I hope moms and babies are all happy and healthy!

When my Nibbler had her babies, I had to seperate her from our Abby because they weren't getting along. We actually seperated them 2 weeks before Nibbler gave birth. We put them all back together about 3 days after the babies were born. We had no problems, but I watched them very closely!

Did you know you were about to get babies, or was it a suprise?
Do you have a male in with your girls?
Do you know you have to seperate all male babies at 3 weeks old, so they don't breed with mom and sisters?

Good Luck!