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03-23-08, 08:20 pm
Hi, I'm just adopt a guinea pig. Her name is Momo and she is 3 years old. It's been almost a week since I adopt her. When I bring her out for floor time, she just lay in one place and not move.

I spread out newspaper and leave hideout and hay for her. She still just sit there. Can any one help me out? Did you have the same problem with your newly adopted in the beginning?

Also, what is normal scratching? Cause she tend to scratch herself like 4-5 times in an hour but it's not like excessive? Should I be concern about that?
Thanks so much!!!

03-23-08, 08:36 pm
Welcome. Momo is still new so she will be a bit nervous for a bit. Try holding her for a bit every day and hang around the cage and figure out what she like and give her veggies while holding her and talk to her in a calm voice.

Remember, time and patience is key!

She is still new and she is still getting used to her surroundings.

Good Luck
***With the scratching, have her checked by a vet, and ask about the possiblility of mites, or even fleas.***

03-23-08, 08:53 pm
Auburnmare is right, mine get scared if they are somewhere they are not used to being. Just keep getting her out every day and she will eventually not be afraid.

03-23-08, 10:49 pm
I just had to say, Momo is a wonderful name! My cat's name is Mozart, and I call him "Momo my little peach." For anyone who may not know, momo is Japanese for peach. :cheerful:

03-23-08, 11:25 pm
It would also help to get him a friend. Guinea Pigs are very social animals are are happiest in groups. Lone Pigs tend to get lonely and are therefore less active and vocal.

03-24-08, 05:08 am
I agree with Jenni_Feathers, the best way to get a piggie to romp and play is to get them a friend! I bet you don't feel like doing much if you are home alone day after day! The piggies feel the same way! With a same sex friend you Momo will have more energy and want to play a lot more!!!!

03-24-08, 10:00 am
Thanks for all the reply guys. I will be patience with Momo and take her to the vet for a check-up.

I'm still new with guinea pig so I'll probably get Momo a friend later on. Again THANK YOU ^_^

03-24-08, 01:25 pm
Just don't let the vet do a skin scraping for the mites. Unless they happen to hit the exact area where the mites are, they are most likely to get a false negative. And besides, it hurts. Doing a proper course of ivermectin won't hurt your piggy if it doesn't have mites and if it does it will just get rid of them. There is a really good thread with directions on how to treat for mites with ivermectin. I don't have time to find it right now but maybe someone else can post the link.

Also make sure of the sex of your piggy before you get it a friend. This is something the vet should be able to do when you take it in.

03-25-08, 08:09 am
All of my piggies just hid in a corner the first 2-3 weeks of floor time. I put a plate of cilantro or parsley out and that usually helped them explore after they eat it all up.

03-25-08, 04:38 pm
I had the same problem with Butterscotch for 2 whole years. (Then I didn't feed her veggis because I had not know abou this site.) Once I started to feed her veggies, would give them to her at floor time and spread them in her tunnel, cozie, hidey house, and out in the open. Now she wonders and loves it!

03-26-08, 08:13 pm
Momo had improved. She got up and walked for a good...5 minutes before laying down and take an hour nap.

I try to do a veggie scavenger hunt on the floor, she eat the one nearest her and then take another nap.

I will keep trying. >_<

03-31-08, 04:52 pm
Mine like to run around, do you have boxes or anything that is not in his/her cage?