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03-23-08, 11:22 am
I am rat sitting for the next few weeks at least (my friend has 2 but she has had to temporarily move back in with her parents and they won't let them stay there) so I was wondering what sort of toys they enjoy?

I know rats are very intelligent, so I want to get them some toys to stimulate their minds, what are best?

May I add, I was a bit uncertain about rats before, but now I adore them.

Rattie Mom
03-23-08, 11:39 am
Yeah, be careful....you'll not only fall in love with your friends rats...you'll be getting a few of your own. ;)

My rats love their out of cage time (they should have at least an hour or two a day). But most find interacting with their human most enjoyable.

We generally have hidey boxes, pvc pipe, snacks, litter boxes, igloos and such out in the play area. They roam around, check stuff out and visit with us.

Females generally love to run on wheels (only the safe kind, like Wodent Wheel or Silent Spinner), the cat toys with feathers on the end are fun too. Rats like to chase string like cats do too.

03-25-08, 02:20 pm
Thanks, yea we get them out loads, they love to climb about.

Wish I could get some of our own, but we don't have the room.