View Full Version : C & C Cage Construction TONIGHT!!

03-22-08, 04:15 pm
So, I bought a C and C cage off of Ebay, but I got too impatient. I found a guy who had chloroplast, and I already had the grids from target b/c that is what we use for a play pen. Anyway, our new rescue and our current pig seemed to get along in the pen last night (even though there was def some anger - i think they were just establishing dominance), so I just really want to put them in a new cage together asap. wish me luck! Ill post pigtures when it is all done!:cheerful:

03-22-08, 05:28 pm
Good Luck! I hope everything turns out great - remember though, measure twice and cut once!

(Haha, I learned that a harder way...)

I'll check back for pictures!!