View Full Version : C&C Cage is too small!

03-22-08, 01:12 pm
My piggy is too small and fits through the cage when she is feeling rambunctious. Has anyone seen other build-a-cages that have smaller openings between the wires? For now I have the whole thing wrapped in screening, but I really don't like the look of it. Please help!

03-22-08, 01:18 pm
How old is she?
You need to baby-proof your cage while she's young. From what age to what age, I'm unsure, especially seeing as guinea pigs vary in size depending upon the particular pig. There's a number of ways to baby-proof your cage. Hopefully someone else will come along with more specifics.

03-22-08, 02:40 pm
Ive seen a lot of cages on here that have cubes with a mesh design instead of the grid design. Our Super Target had them but the cubes weren't all the same size so we went with the grid type. I think you can probably order them of the internet somewhere.

03-22-08, 04:16 pm
You can make the holes smaller by over lapping a grids or by putting mesh around it, the kind of mesh found at home repair stores. If you have a Linen's n' things nearby you can buy mesh grids.

03-22-08, 04:35 pm
there is some mesh walls you can buy

03-22-08, 05:35 pm
Like lots of people mentioned mesh grids are great for smaller guinea pigs.

Or you can just baby proof the cage until the guinea pig is one year old, if she's older than that and still so small, you'd probably like the mesh grids better.

Or, you can have mesh covering the normal grids...


Here is a picture of those mesh grids, probably available from Target or over the internet:


Hope that helps!

03-24-08, 04:53 pm
If you have coroplast, make the sides taller. Or leave the screen the way it is and it only needs to stay like that until the pig is an adult or does not fir through the spaces.

04-26-08, 05:48 pm
I just added 10" high sides to my C&C cage because my babies are small also. It was much easier than buying new grids or wrapping the cage in mesh. I put the new panels on the outside between the grids and existing coroplast sides. I used packing tape at the corners to secure. Then I took a long piece of the tape and ran it along the inside. Does that make sense? I feel much better about their safety now. When they get bigger I can take these panels off if I want to. The sign store cut the panels to the exact size for me, it was $20. Very much worth it for my piece of mind. Hope this helps.