View Full Version : Investigating C+C option/questions

03-20-08, 10:41 pm
I've been reading about C+C cages quite a bit, but I'm still confused a little.

I think I've got the general idea down for the 'skeleton', which is made up of panels of those storage cubes. But I've never had any experience with coroplast. I understand that it is used as the base of the cage. Is it something that is intended to be replaced with each cage change, or is it meant to last a while?

Also, I've never used fleece. Currently I am using aspen bedding (which I hate). What is the benefit of fleece? I've read that towels should be placed underneath the fleece, what does this do that the fleece doesn't already? When cleaning the cage, does the fleece need to be replaced or just washed? Does it generally need to be washed every time or only every couple of changes?

03-20-08, 10:57 pm
Coroplast doesn't need to be changed often at all. I have had mine for 8 months and it is still great.

Fleece is great. What you do.. Take two layers of towls and line the cage with it. This will be the absorbant layer. Then you take fleece (after being pre-washed 2-3 times) and put on top. The pee will go through this and soak up in towels, leaving the top layer dry.

You will need to spot clean daily and fully clean (shake out and wash) once a week.

03-20-08, 11:06 pm
Fleece wicks (pulls down) moisture through to what is under it so that is the purpose of towels/mattress pads/crib pads/etc. underneath. This leaves the pigs nice and dry and no wet puddles sitting around in the cage. It does require a much higher maintenance than shavings or recycled paper products.

Fleece must be spot cleaned at least once per day to remove poo's and needs to be changed once or twice per week and laundered. It's good to have 2-3 sets of fleece plus the underlayers so you can change it out and wash. It's also good to throw in 1/2 to 1 cup vinegar when washing and no fabric softener. A fabric safe bleach would be ok as well.