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03-20-08, 09:47 pm
Hi there,

I followed the excellent instructions on your website and built my pair of 7 month old piggies a large habitat, bi-level. They absolutely love it, maybe too much… They’ve been running around, and ‘pop corning’, so much that they kick a lot of their bedding out of the cage. Makes for quite a mess, even with the five inch side panels. Do you have any suggestions on how to contain the mess of two very energetic piggies?

03-20-08, 11:01 pm
Higher coroplast walls might help.

03-20-08, 11:49 pm
Have you thought about using fleece? I think it works great, especially in combination with litterboxes filled with aspen or carefree which can be cleaned out daily.

My piggies end up kicking some of the bedding onto the fleece, but it is not that bad. We'll see what happens when I take down the baby-proofing walls, but I honestly don't think much bedding will be kicked out of the cage.

03-21-08, 01:54 am
Ditto. High coroplast walls or experiment with bedding.

03-21-08, 07:00 am
Took the words right out of my mouth. Those are your two best options.

03-22-08, 01:15 pm
I thought that to, but they're already 5 inches high and I don't want to wall them in completely. I guess I could go another inch or two higher. Do the piggies calm down over time?

03-25-08, 02:34 pm
(I thought I would post my concerns on here instead of making a whole other thread.) I was wondering the samething. Butterscotch makes a huge mess and my mom complains because sometimes it gets tracked around the house. (She is in a petstore cage.) So, when I make a C&C I plan on changing that. But how? I don't want to make the walls to high either. What about the clear cubes or do they no have enough ventilation?