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03-17-08, 09:55 pm
I recently adopted two adorable little piggies! They came from an aminal shelter where they were part of a 17 pig group! They are so beautiful and have the cutest ears that come from the saddest story! They are kind of clover shaped because their cage was too small and they got chewed. anyways. they are both red abssynians (spelling?) except Bella has a half black face. Jess is all red. I'm not sure how old they are but was told they are adults.

They are still getting used to me and run and hide when I come in the room but they have started to take food that I offer them.

I wish I had pictures, but for now you could look at their adoption website that has a photo of each of them.

Adopt Jessebel -Berkeley - Guinea Pig Small&Furry [Mix] - Adopted! (http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=9841450)

Adopt Kate - Berkeley - Guinea Pig Small&Furry [Mix] - Adopted! (http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=9841520)

I'm so happy I found your forum! It enabled me to do a lot of research on them before I got them so I could feel prepared when I brought them home and also now that I have them I love reading stories about other people's piggies and looking at the amazing cages and ideas you all have come up with!

03-18-08, 10:34 am
So kate was pregant? You didn't take any of her babies right? I'm glad you adopted!!!

03-18-08, 06:43 pm
Oh no. By the time I adopted them they were both through the pregnancy watch.
I just have the two of them.

03-18-08, 07:22 pm
They are so very pretty. So glad you're not having babies. I'm glad you were able to get both of them. Are you wrapped around their little paws already?

03-19-08, 01:01 am
oh totally. I can sit and watch them for forever when I really should be doing other things like... studying... hee hee

But you have 4 boys... that must be so much fun! I can't wait til they get used to me and dont run and hide when I come into my room!

03-26-08, 01:30 am
Hi. I thought I'd repost my intro since my piggie "kids" have changed. I'm sad to say that Jess has passed. Due to an accident of mine. :weepy: (I posted her story In the Memory section of the board if you are interested to read about it.)

But I've gone to get Bella a friend from the rescue. She is a much smaller smooth hair piggie. Tri color brown, black and white. She is too shy to let me take pictures of her so I will have to wait a while. But I've named her Zoe. Does anyone know the website where you can guess a piggies age by their weight. The shelter had no idea how old she was.

Also... she won't eat any of her fresh veggies. She will eat pellets and water. I figure that once I introduce her to Bella she will learn to eat the veggies, but she is still in quarantine so I'm not sure if I should get her the vitamin drops until then?

03-26-08, 04:25 pm
Does she eat her hay? Do you have a link to the story?

03-26-08, 05:57 pm
Yes, she does eat her hay.
Here is Jess' story.

03-26-08, 07:02 pm
I just read that link and I'm so sorry about losing your baby. I have dogs too, and even though they've never been aggressive or bothered my boys, after reading your story I need to make sure and never leave them alone while pigs are out. Hopefully your story will help others realize how quickly disaster can strike. Please post us some pigtures of the new baby when you can, we'd love to see her too.

03-26-08, 08:03 pm
Yes I will post some soon! And yes I hope that people are just careful. I will let my dog be near the baby as long as they are seperated by a pet gate. I've been told once dogs get a taste for something they never forget. I'm not sure and my dog is not mean... she just gets excited easily and has to learn to be gentle. :)
Probably your dogs will be fine but I'm glad that you will be safe rather than sorry

03-27-08, 12:20 am
Oh good! Here she is! My baby Zoe. Sorry if the quality is bad... I had to do a quick one with my phone... She still won't eat her veggies!