View Full Version : Not-so-extreme makeover PIGLOO Edition: I need help!

03-16-08, 10:52 am
I remember reading somewhere that its better(especially if you have more than 1 cavy) to remove the extended entryway on the front of the pigloos, and create a wider half moon shape entrance so more than 1 piggie can enter/exit at the same time without minor arguing.

How do I do this? Are there photos somewhere along with a written guide? Thanks!

I remember something about washing the pigloo in the dishwasher 1st with hot water to make it soft/pliable, but I'm having trouble imagining that working for me. And, when you cut off the entrance, how do I make sure whats left over isn't sharp pokey plastic(I don't want a rugged entrance left over, rather a smooth, safe one).

03-16-08, 02:30 pm
You can use plyer clipper things to cut around the hole. But I don't think it is neccissary. I never cut the opening off of my igloo, and I think they like having it on there. They lay down in the igloo and have no where for their head so they stick it in the enterance to that they are still 'protected'. Because of the edges, you can use sand paper or make the hole a square and put binder covers over the edges.

03-16-08, 03:43 pm
I don't think it is neccessary. If you have more than one guinea pig, try one hidey or two per pig.

I only have one pig, and he has 4 or 5 hideys. I have a tube, a wooden one that I bought for $3.00, 2 pigloos, and a towel hidey (if that counts).

You can even build a hidey. It does not matter if you have "x" amount of pigloos, you can use anything you want.

03-16-08, 05:12 pm
I never cut off the front of mine and I have 5 piggies. They manage just fine!

03-16-08, 06:30 pm
My boys needed the tube thing cut off. What I did was I ran it under hot water and then I used really strong scissor things to cut it.

03-20-08, 05:18 pm
Thank you for your answers, I kinda forgot about this thread, so, sorry I took so long to reply.

04-16-08, 10:34 pm
I didn't cut my pigloo either. Small opening seems making them feel safer.

04-16-08, 10:51 pm
I personally hate pigloos. They made the girls more skittish and have found that houses with three/two open sides are more effective. Generally you only need to cut the pigloo opening off if the pig is so big that they get stuck!