View Full Version : Where did you get it?

Sammy and Peanut
03-15-08, 08:48 pm
I am looking at those playpens that are rainbow and make a big circle. Where did you get them? If you made them, how?

03-15-08, 08:54 pm
My friend got them off the Petsmart website, but maybe you can order them off another site without suporting petstores! If you do get them, I would suggest getting two, because just one doesn't make a very big pen. But they sure are nice!

03-15-08, 08:57 pm
I saw them at petsmart and at petworld! Can you take those apart and reconnect them? If so I will buy some for his b-day!

03-15-08, 09:21 pm
Well, most are connected(except for like two I think), but they are not like connected grids. They are more like grids w/ zip ties, so you can re-arrange them very easily. They are about the length of the grids used in a C&C cages, but are shorter also, so you need to watch your piggie to ensure that they don't just out. My friends pig is almost 6yrs old an a little on the chubby side, and can still jump out! My pig never tried, but you never know....
I still think they are great though.

03-15-08, 10:14 pm
I believe some people said they got them from walmart but I've seen something similar at target.

03-15-08, 10:36 pm
I got mine from the thrift store. They almost ALWAYS have at least one there. And, they are only $4! Plus you support your community. But a word of advice, they are very low and you would need to watch your guinea pigs at ALL times. One of my girls can jump over it in one leap. I've seen her do it.

Edit: You can take them apart by bending the wires that connect them. I thought about using a strand of them to border my second level but I went with grids anyway.

Sammy and Peanut
03-16-08, 07:12 pm
Thanks everyone. I am going to look for them at PetStupid first. Then the Thrift STore. Then Walmart. If I can't find any after that, I guess that it is not meant for me to have one for Peanut!

03-17-08, 10:55 am
I have both the playpen and grids ziptied together and I prefer the grids. They are taller and for the price of a pack on sale, alot cheaper for the larger size that they afford.

Percy's Mom
03-17-08, 02:08 pm
Ditto what Toadies said. I wouldn't use those playpens for guinea pigs. They are only about 8-10" tall. Buy an extra set of grids and use cable ties to connect them into as big a playpen as you want. If you use binder clips to connect the last seam of your circle, you can fold the whole thing up when playtime is over. The grids will give you a full 14" of height, so it would be a lot harder for your pigs to climb over.

03-18-08, 06:24 pm
I had one of those and I returned it!

DON'T BUY THEM! They are a pain to get the hooks in and to fold it back up. (It did not fold at all!)

The walls are a little short and the bottom was not very good either.

The area was very small for $12.00!

Don't waste your time with it!

I use grids and they are much better!

03-20-08, 04:32 pm
Ok I will not buy one! Mine is an escape artist! I wanted a playpen that he couldn't get out of! That way my mother wouldn't complain! How many inches is one grid??

03-20-08, 07:55 pm
One grid is 14" by 14"

03-26-08, 07:11 pm
This last weekend I used grids to make a play pen for outside. I used 17 of them and linked them together with zip ties. For the last 2 that meet, I didn't zip tie, but used the strong velcro that is double sided, that way in case we need to store it flat we don't have to cut off zip ties. It has worked really well. Since it hasn't rained the last few days I just left it outside then slid it to new area with more grass.

I sit with my boys the whole time, because I know mine not having a lid would be dangerous due to predators.

Sammy and Peanut
04-06-08, 12:15 pm
Oh, I never noticed that ther were so short. Never mind, I'll just make one myself.

04-12-08, 09:42 am
My friend has one for her rats and its really tiny!