View Full Version : Attaching to Grids?

03-15-08, 04:10 pm
Yes, I have a petstore cage. D; I'm getting some grids very, very soon. But is it possible to connect the grids to the cage so that a. I don't waste the money used to pay for that pet store cage and b. so the pig has more room? Could they chew the cable ties off and escape? Thanks. =)

03-15-08, 04:29 pm
Ya, its possible. If you look in the galleries you can probably find some examples of how people have done it.

And for the cable ties, could they, in all reality yes, but would they no. Its very unlikely, I don't think I've ever heard of pigs chewing cable ties.

03-21-08, 10:06 am
Just make sure you pull the cable ties tight and cut off the bit that sticks out. That way theres nothing to get a grip on. Also I worry that a pig could get an eye injury if the ends are not cut off.