View Full Version : Anybody in Vancouver has some spare Advantage? Revolution?

03-13-08, 08:46 pm
Hi, My name is Alex.
I have a cavy named Ksusha that had recently got lice (from hay, I suspect). From my vet, I found out that a tube of advantage costs like $50. Trust me, if I had the money, I'd buy it in a heartbeat but I only have $60 which I was going to spend on a C&C cage. I'm a fulltime student at university and I am too overloaded with school work to get a real job and make actual money. I thought if somebody else had some spare Advantage or Revolution, I could just get a little drop from you to treat my baby Ksusha and reimburse you with $5 if that works. It breaks my heart that I can't treat her. If I cannot find anybody soon enough, I'll have to get the treatment and leave her in the store-bought cage while she waits another several months before I save up again for the C&C cage. Please help me if you can.

04-16-08, 10:49 pm
This may be late but have you looked on eBay?