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03-12-08, 08:18 am
:)hello every one:)

03-12-08, 09:25 am

I see you are not the talkative type person! LOL

Do you have a guinea pig yet? If yes how many? Males or Females?

03-12-08, 09:42 am
hey lol 2 males they live seperately though because they dnt like eachother I also have 2 hamsters and a rabbit. How about you how many do u have.

03-12-08, 09:55 am
I have 5 piggies! Two females about 7 months old, two females about 7 weeks old, and one male about 7 weeks old.

My male is currently living alone. He is awaiting his neutering, so he can be reunited with his sisters, mom, and aunt!

I also have 1 clawed frog, 3 box turtles, 3 water (red eared slider) turtles, 2 cats, and 3 dogs, not to mention 2 children and a husband! By far my husband is the most needy of all the animals! LOL

Wheek Weak
03-12-08, 10:17 am
By far my husband is the most needy of all the animals! LOL...and just when I thought mine was the only one!!

Welcome Kirsty1208! Have you had a chance to read through all of the stickies at the top of each forum yet? If not, that's a great way to jump in here and learn a lot about taking care of your piggies.

Print off the diet/nutrition chart in the Nutrition forum. It's fantastic for feeding your piggies the proper balanced diet everyday.

When you get a chance, don't forget to post pigtures of your boys. We love to "ooh" and "aah" over other piggies, as well as our own!

03-12-08, 02:23 pm
lol you sure have a lot of animals